Twitter Activated Birdhouses

Making birdhouses…for your twitter account?! I thought they were for birds, but I guess in today’s world, we’ll do anything for technology. I have to admit, these are pretty cool if your twitter obsessed. Watch the video, and tell me of you think this is totally awesome, or down right bizarre. (Via Swissmiss)


Breaking Your Technology Addiction


Refinery29 recently wrote a great article on detaching from your phone. And you know me, I’m all about this stuff, so I was all over the article! They said people on average check their phones every six and a half minutes! To fix this, they suggest designating every fifteen minutes to checking your phone, and stretching the length of time to 20 minutes then 30 minutes when it becomes comfortable. They mention taking one day a week off from technology, something I’m hoping to start this Sunday.

Another thing I really found I intriguing was that checking our pone has become almost like a nervous habit. It makes is feel less anxious about missing out on something important.
Being nervous and anxious leads to more phone use… maybe this is why so many teens are addicted to their phones?

Maybe so, but anyways a great article if you want to check it out! (Image via Refinery29)