Summer Song Six

Now the first time I showed this song to my friends, they thought the lyrics were so bizarre. But I don’t care, this song is amazing. I heard it in Forever 21, and I just had to know what it was, so I looked it up immediately when I got home, and loved it ever since. It’s Do You Wanna Hold Me? By Bow Wow Wow


Summer Song Five

Crazy for You is an oldie, but goodie. It’s by Best Coast (yet again. They just have a summer sound. I can’t help myself!) and it’s about two people in a love hate relationship. Kind of a weird song, and hopefully none of you experience summer love like this, but the beat and her voice are amazing.

Summer Song Two

Song number two is my all time favorite song by one of my favorite bands. It’s The Only Place by Best Coast. It’s about California, my favorite place in the entire world. I plan on living there. I’ll be there in October for a wedding, and I can’t wait I put this on repeat on the plane ride. It’s a song that is close to my heart, because it reminds me of visiting my family in Cali. I miss them more everyday. I hope you like it as much as I do!

Summer Song One

On the first week of summer, Red and Butter gave to me . . . A song!!! Every monday this summer all of you can look forward to an awesomely alternative song on this blog. So be sure to tune in! First up, a song from the movie Aquamarine. Wicked cheesy + wicked fun to dance to = perfect for summer.