Currently: Long Dresses


Maybe it’s because I’m short, but lately I’ve been LOVING long, flowing dresses (which would make me look taller). There’s just something so simply elegant about them. You don’t even have to try and you look good! I picked out I’ve from my Pinterest lately. (Collage made via PicCollage)

2. Striped maxi.
4. Black sheer maxi.
5. Pleated gown.

Inspiration: Making My Prom Dress


So . . . I have decided to make my prom dress! I am itching to get started on it this weekend. Until then, I need to figure out what this thing is going to look like. The pictures that I included are what I’m thinking about. They’re all pretty different, but they have the same feel. At least I have something to be inspired by while bending over my sewing machine and stabbing myself with pins. It’s going to fun! (Hopefully.)

Which one is your favorite?