Social Media Detox


This weekend, I conformed. I got a twitter. I’m undecided about whether or not I like it, but we’ll see. As I was making it my mom said she didn’t want this to make my usage of my phone go up, so I got to thinking about a social media detox. In this list, I have 7 accounts, and 8 sites I visit daily…that’s a LOT! So I’ve decided to 1.) unsubscribe from all youtube channels I followed, since none of them add value to my life in any way, 2.) take pinterest off my phone, since it is the biggest cause of procrastination for me, 3.) delete my stumble upon account, and 4.) downsize my bookmarked list of blogs I read.

Hopefully this gets you thinking about your technology uses, and ways you can cut back. I hope this helps me and others as well!