Meditation Nation

Over on A Cup Of Jo, the weekly challenge last week was to meditate for 10 minutes a day. I’ve been meaning to post about this, so why not just do it now.

I’ve had two instances this month where I meditated. 1.) Prom 2.) My first date. I was VERY anxious for both I these, with a knot in my stomach and a pounding heart a few hours before. So I say myself down and meditated. I breathed deeply, told myself it was all going to work put just fine, prayed a little, and . . .

It totally worked! I was fine afterwards. It might sound like an exaggeration, but I was so relaxed afterwards. It was like magic!

Do you meditate? If you don’t I’m encouraging you to try it the next time you’re stressed!

P.S. Thoureau quotes and a brain strengthening tip.