Cross-Stitch Mural


Ever since I redid my room (what was it, three years ago?) I have yet to find something that I could paint/put on one wall in my room that is especially bare. Given it is painted orange, so there is no lack of interest, but I just really want to put something up there. When I stumble upon this type of mural, I thought how perfect it would be for my room. I even found one that uses washi tape; no painting required!

Here are some more pictures of murals I found. Which is your favorite? What would you paint with this cross-stitch technique?





{this is the washi tape version}


5 Simple Ways to Go Green


P.S. Like this post if you like the new look! I was up until 1 on Saturday (technically Sunday) designing my little brain out. The feedback would be appreciated!

As we go farther and farther into human existence on this earth, we just can’t seem to stop trashing it and start loving our little planet. C’mon people! It’s the only one with chocolate on it that we know of, so we got to save it while we can! I do a couple of things at my house that I wanted to share, that are simple ways to do a little more for the environment.

1. Recycle.
I don’t care if your like a friend of mine who says she, “doesn’t believe in recycling.” Just do it! Did you know that recycling a glass bottle can power a lightbulb for 4 hours?

2. Cut shower time, and save water with a super duper trick.
Time yourself in the shower, and see how long it takes you. Then the next time you go try to cute it down little by little. I challenge myself to be under 5 minutes. And no, that doesn’t leave room for shampooing twice, but who does that anyways?

My super super trick is this: shampoo first, then shut the water off, soap up and shave (I turn on the water for the tub to wash the razor occasionally) then turn the water back on and rinse. Easy to do, and saves soooooo much water!

3. Use towels
Don’t buy paper towels because then you’ll feel obliged to use them. Buy dishcloths that you can wash and use again instead. Towel like paper towels are not the same thing.

4. Shut the water off while your brushing your teeth.
I have honestly never understood why people do this. It’s such a waste.

5. Make sure all electronics are off during the night.
The t.v., your computer should be put on sleep, if not shut off, and make sure all the lights are off too. If your phone is at 100 percent, don’t keep charging! Just shut it off for the night.