So This Is Christmas?

This past week has been really … well I don’t even have one word to describe it. Happy, depressing, comical, nostalgic, but overall fulfilling.

My friends mom died exactly a week ago, so that really put a damper on the whole week. Everyone was so sad. The wake was Thursday, I split my tights, and cried, just as a recap. I am praying for her family constantly.

In other news, my sister got into 2 colleges so she won’t be a bum after all. We also found old home videos that I’ve been watching non stop. They’ve really given me a new way of looking at life. I see young parents struggling, and am even around young kids all the time, but I didn’t even realize that my parents were once young, and that I was once a young kid.

My concept of time, and life (past and present) have really been broadened. I feel like I understand the important little things now. Seeing my dad with hair, my mom in really bad clothes, and me making the SAME faces that I do now have truly given me a better understanding of everyone around me, even myself. It was really an eye opener watching those videos. And yes I’ll admit it, I cried, ok!

All of this just in time for Christmas! I feel like happy and sad things happen like this around Christmas all the time. It makes you appreciate things that much more. As my friends mother taught everyone, live in the moment, and never let time pass you by!


Christmas Challenge

While I should be doing homework right now, I am instead stalking old posts in my favorite blog, and in the process have I found a great post about a Christmas challenge right here.

I think Christmas is the best thing in the world, and certainly the best time of the year. These little daily challenges seem like the perfect way to focus more about Christmas, rather than the presents, cookies, parties . . . Oh my gosh I’m getting too excited! Don’t you just LOVE the holidays?