One Healthy Eating Tip


(Enjoy these photos of mouth watering desserts. See if you can use the trick on one of them)

You know the feeling of craving something late at night . . . After you’ve already had too much dessert. I feel it DAILY especially with the surprising amount of dessert choices I have at my house. Whenever I feel like this, I ask myself some questions:

Will it taste any better/different/more satisfying than what I’ve already eaten?

I’m a firm believer in moderation, but sometimes I can’t control it. So this question helps me to see that what I want to eat is not going to satisfy me at all. It’s just going to make me want more. Like my mom says, the first few bite of anything taste the best. For example, if I want more ice cream, it’s not going to have a different taste in the second serving, so you’re essentially just eating to eat!

Got any good tips for cravings?