Vegan “Cookie Dough”


I don’t know how many of you are vegans out there, but even if you aren’t, like me, this recipe is one you can definitely enjoy! It’s taking cashews and making them into a pseudo cookie dough. Although it’s not that much healthier for you, it’s still natural, and way better than eating raw cookie dough! Get it HERE.

My baking notes: the chocolate dip part calls for coconut oil, but I didn’t have that on hand. I searched around online for a substitute, and found either canola, vegetable, or olive oil. I used olive oil….big mistake. It leaves a greasy feeling and a burning sensation in your mouth. I would opt for canola oil. Other than that, this re pie is very straight forward. ENJOY!


Lookbook Cookbook


Ok, brace yourself for this new blog I found! It’s called Lookbook Cookbook. they followed me on twitter, and I’m glad I looked at their account. Not only is it gluten free, dairy free AND sou free, but the photography features good looking people in good looking clothes. And all the recipes are things I’ve never heard of. They say in their about that they’re never boring. That puts them immediately on my blogs to read list. Check ’em out! (Images via Lookbook Cookbook).



One Healthy Eating Tip


(Enjoy these photos of mouth watering desserts. See if you can use the trick on one of them)

You know the feeling of craving something late at night . . . After you’ve already had too much dessert. I feel it DAILY especially with the surprising amount of dessert choices I have at my house. Whenever I feel like this, I ask myself some questions:

Will it taste any better/different/more satisfying than what I’ve already eaten?

I’m a firm believer in moderation, but sometimes I can’t control it. So this question helps me to see that what I want to eat is not going to satisfy me at all. It’s just going to make me want more. Like my mom says, the first few bite of anything taste the best. For example, if I want more ice cream, it’s not going to have a different taste in the second serving, so you’re essentially just eating to eat!

Got any good tips for cravings?



How To Eat: The French Way


Lets face it: I wish I was European. Traveling there ruined me (but also made me very happy). You realize how backwards everything Americans do really is, and how the quality of life here could be greatly improved if everything wasn’t so structured and difficult and pleasing to everyone.

Like eating for example. Little kids expect their own meals, mothers groan. We snack and snack on bad food and for what? For fun? We eat just to eat. I find myself doing it too.

Above there is a photo I came across about how to eat like a French person. It is my new food philosophy. I love the one about not snacking, and how it’s ok to be hungry. My other favorite is that sweets are good as a treat, maybe once a week. It’s all very easy and healthy. Now if we could just get the rest of the world to wake up and see how much nicer life could be if it was all just a bit more. . . simple.





Pasta Making


Making pasta always brings back childhood memories (even one of me spilling the egg and flour all over the floor…) it makes me think of my grandparents too, and how my nana always tells me stories about how they made pasta and ravioli from scratch. All. The. Time. I think they’d be proud of our pasta making adventures.

2 1/4 cups flour
3 beaten eggs

Put all the flour into a mound with a hole in the middle on a cutting board. This is called the well, and in the middle add as much egg as can fit, meaning it doesn’t spill over the edge. Incorporate flour from the edges and more egg, until you start creating the consistency of dough. Then go ahead and knead it with your hands, until its not sticky anymore. Refrigerate for 20 minutes.

Split the dough in half, and sprinkle the counter and rolling pin with flour before rolling it out. Put it through the widest setting on the pasta machine a few times, then each time after that decrease the thickness by one setting. Then put it through the cutter of the kind of pasta you want, and you’re done! Well you have to cool it, but you’re pretty much set. Got a good workout kneading and rolling, huh?

Having a pasta thinner/cutter is very helpful, but this isn’t impossible to do without it. Cutting the pasta into thin strips for spaghetti after you’ve rolled it out pretty thin isn’t horrible. And plus, all your efforts will be rewarded when you taste it!




Fleur de Sel Brownies


I had not idea what fleur de sel was when I first looked at the title of the recipe, but I went for it, because the picture looked good. Turns out fleur de sel is a type I sea salt. It also turns out that this recipe tastes great even if you don’t have it! (Like me.) it’s very rich, and although it seems complex, it was really quick and easy. Find the recipe here, and enjoy! (Recipe via loveandoliveoil)20130127-172753.jpg20130127-172805.jpg20130127-172816.jpg20130127-172821.jpg20130127-172811.jpg20130127-172759.jpg

A New Blog, and FOOD!

This absolutely adorable, artsy, hipster blog I just found is my latest obbsession. It’s called Travels and Treasures. It has GREAT hair tutorials, style, ad a cute feature called show and tell where they show their latest finds/obsessions. Check it out!!

Also, check out these food finds from the week . . . 

grapefruit donuts.

easier way to eat chocolate dipped apples.

Lavender lemonade honeydew frosty. A mouthful (in more ways than one). 

Chocolate fridge cake. Looks so good!

AND have a great weekend!