Rachel Ray’s Ideas For Pumpkins

I love Rachel Ray for recipes, but her magazine is also packed with other great ideas, such as 50 ways to paint pumpkins. I saw a lot that looked like my 7 ways to paint a pumpkin, but there were other great ones to see also. Check them out!



p.s. pumpkin peeps! I love fall!



Fall Wishlist


I have a seemingly never ending note on my phone with everything I want. Call me greedy, but there are just so many good things out their to buy. Although the note is endless, my money supply is not. (my mother). Nonetheless, some of the things I want for it nicely with fall, so maybe I’ll be able to finagle the bagel a little and buy some!

1. Norah Jones’ new CD. Any cd of hers would be nice. I’m really liking her lately.
2.NYX xtreme lip creme in nude peach fuzz. One of my favorite beauty gurus wears it, (clothesencounters) and I’m obsessed.
3. Paper airplane earrings from etsy. Quirky and unexpected.
4. A new watch! I lost my other one, which was getting a little beat up anyway, so any of the ones in the picture will do.
5. A waffle mousepad from spotted moth.
6. A good pair of oxfords.
7. To e able to draw like this. My art class is highly competitive, and sadly I feel not ago great about my art. But I’m determined to get better!
8. Leather + skirt pairing.

Is there anything in specific for fall that your wishing for. Also, how early is too early to start a Christmas wishlist? Thoughts?

3 Never Fail Fall Combinations

Fall is my favorite time of the year to wake up, because it means that I can pick out some cozy outfit to slip on. But for some it might be a little harder, because they just don’t know what to wear. So if you need help in the closet department, or you woke up late, then keep reading for three never fail outfits.

1. Button down + a skirt
Classic and easy to where. A button down is a staple for any closet. I got this one from gap, and this skirt is from forever21. For jewelry I balanced out the polka dots with two round necklaces and round earrings, all from forever2. 20120902-133628.jpg20120902-133633.jpg

For a dressed down version, this blue chambray top and black and white patterned skirt is cute too. The shirt is from marshalls, skirt, and the adorable babushka necklace are both from forever21. 20120902-134202.jpg

2. Cardigan + graphic tee
A graphic tee can sometimes look a little too punky or juvenile. By adding a cardigan, it makes it grown up and feminine. The dressed up version of this look includes a graphic tank from H&M, cardigan from gap, the previous black and white patterned skirt, some hand me down rings, and spike square earrings from Forever21.

The dressed down version is Perfect for school. All the items are from gap, and the bracelets are made by me and a friend.


3. Stripes + Costume Jewelry
Wearing simple patterns such as stripes or just simple colors, like black and white and adding big jewelry can instantly make it look chic. The dressed up version has a short from Marshall’s, the previous black and white printed skirt, and earrings from Forever21.



The dressed down version is gap jeans and a striped gap tee, with a chunky necklace from Forever21, and my charm bracelet.



Fall Recipe Preview


I just got my new Rachel Ray magazine for fall, and I’m so excited to try out all of these new recipes! The table of contents (above) looks super daunting, but this mag is jam packed with great ideas, so if you love food and don’t already subscribe, you should! Sometimes the proportions and servings can be off, but overall great ideas every month.
{pumpkin quesadillas}

{candy corn tortilla chips}

{apple cider}

{goat-tee sandwiches}

{pumpkin seed recipes}

{fennel braised in cream}

{fettuccine with sausage and kale}

{my mom folded the corner of this page over, because she is obsessed with pumpkin. she hoards cans of it in our pantry. we will definitely be making these recipes, especially the smoothie!}

P.s. these aren’t from Rachel Ray, but I still want to try them!



P.p.s I’m also planning to make up a recipe for this tea cookie photo I found on pinterest. Who’s excited?


12 Things To Do This Fall


It’s always good to have free time, but occasionally, you have no idea what to do with the free time you have. So I’ve come up with ideas to help you solve those “I’m so bored” moments this fall:

1. Buy gourds and pumpkins and straw and arrange them in a pretty bowl

2. Go for a walk (this sounds little kiddish, but see how many leaves you can step on!)

3. Bake something with pumpkin; muffins, bread, or a cake. (It’s healthy,too!)

4.Grab a leaf from outside and draw it to the best of your ability

5. Buy a new scarf, and come up with a new way to wrap it. There are an infinite amount of ways!!

6. Think of the grossest looking food (but actually very yummy) you can serve at a Halloween party. And if you’re not going to one, then plan one!!

7. Go to a thrift shop and make a Halloween costume on a budget.

8. Play cards. A couple of my favorite games are spit, trash, and seven up. Or if you’re alone, solitaire never fails.

9. For all my gymnasts, dancers and other athletes that need to be flexible, read a book while stretching. The hunger games are a good pick, or even Jane Eyre for a more cozy, romantic fall read.

10. Knit. If you don’t know how, it is never too late to start! If you do already, make something fall inspired. A pumpkin or a leaf. Or if you want something more usable, a sweater or socks with be helpful with the cold winter months ahead!

11. Write in a journal. I do it all the time. Or a challenge, try to use new vocabulary, write a poem, or use as many vivid words describing fall weather as possible.

12. Retie your shoelaces.