Fancy Friendship Bracelets


I used to be obsessed with making friendship bracelets and wearing stacks and stacks of them during the summer. They’d just get dingy and gross, so I think sometime in the near future I will upgrade to these fancy ones, from A Beautiful Mess. Much classier than string and knots, don’t you think?



Inspiration: Making My Prom Dress


So . . . I have decided to make my prom dress! I am itching to get started on it this weekend. Until then, I need to figure out what this thing is going to look like. The pictures that I included are what I’m thinking about. They’re all pretty different, but they have the same feel. At least I have something to be inspired by while bending over my sewing machine and stabbing myself with pins. It’s going to fun! (Hopefully.)

Which one is your favorite?






Color Block T-shirt DIY


I didn’t like either of these shirts one bit and I have no idea why I bought them! The lighter one ha smocking that reminded me of baby clothes, and I didn’t have the right type of bra to wear with the other! So I decided to combine them. Here are my steps:

1. Cut out the part you want to replace.



2. Lay the piece you cut out on the new shirt, and cut it to size, leaving about half an inch on the edges.


3. Turn the shirt inside out, and sew up the seams. Make sure to finish the top by folding it over and sewing. I did a zig zag stitch for a little spunk.






I am finally finished with my sweater!! I’m so very proud to tell everyone that I made it myself, and cannot wait to wear it this winter. I used the pert classic pullover pattern from lionbrand yarn. It was a very simple pattern, almost too simple though because it did get boring in the middle. All in all a good pattern to begin with! I would definitely recommend it to beginners who want to knit it a sweater. My next project: a stuffed lobster!

DIY: Rope Braid


The rope braid is a very simple hairstyle to do and wear. This is another one that people have no idea how to do. So I’m giving you an automatic one up on your friends. They’re going to be so jealous!

1. Gather hair at the nape of your neck.


2. Split it into two pieces. Start twisting the one on the right towards the right.


3. Then twist the one on the left towards the right, too.


4. Then twist them together, towards the left. This essentially means put the right one over the left one. This will make it stay put, so the twists won’t come uncoiled.


5. Tie it off. You can start this braid to the side, in the middle (like us), from a high ponytail, etc. It is a very versatile style (that rhymed!). I decided to twist it into a bun for a fancy updo. Make sure you cross your bobby pins when pinning!

Happy weekend!!

Notecard Journal

I saw this idea on pinterest awhile ago, so it is not my idea, although I wish it was, because it genius! The idea is this: taking 365 notecards, writing the date (but no year!) at the top, and writing something you did everyday on the card. You put the card to the back of the stack (that rhymed!) and every day next year you can look back and see what you did that very same day last year. I think it’s super cool and a really easy way to preserve memories. It would be a great idea for a baby’s first year, or newlyweds, or just regular people like me. I do it, and if you want to start, this summer would be an awesome time to start your notecard journal!



DIY: Braided Headband


Pretty much everyday I walk into school, people ask me about my hair and say that it must be so hard, and that they could never do anything I can do to my hair. And whenever I tell people it’s easy to do, they don’t believe me. So I’ve decided to teach all of you my secrets. Hopefully they will see that I am not lying, and that doing your hair can be plain and simple, but still look like you spent hours on it. My first hair DIY will be a braided headband.

1. Part your hair directly above your ear and then two inches behind it towards the back.


2. Make sure the hair is going in the direction of the top of your head, as if you were going to brush it over. (which you will in a little while)

3. Braid the hair. No French braid, swirl braid or anything fancy, just braid!

4. Tie off the hair, and take the left around the head and pin. Cross your bobby pins!

5. Wrap the right side, and make sure to cover the tie of the left side. Also make sure to slip the right under the left, to cover the other tie.


6. You’re done! That wasn’t that hard, now was it?