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The radio is killing me lately. There is NO good music anymore. First they took away oldies and replaced it with dance music. Then they took away the only alternative station, and replace it with another dance station. So the only options to listen to is dance, pop, and an odd mix of 80’s and bad pop. Non of which are my style.

I’m now turning to podcasts. I downloaded the app on my phone, subscribed to some podcasts and have been loving learning new things since. I’ve included pictures of my favorites, and would most definitely recommend podcasts!




It snowed again! What a wonderful thing snow is. We’re making up for last years lack of snow. If I could stomache hot chocolate, which seems to be impossible lately, I would be gulping it down right now. Sadly I am not. But you know what I am doing? This…

Listening to: a random tennis match on t.v.

Watching: my sister at her tennis lesson.

Eating: nothing, but I wish I were. I’m so hungry!

Doing: my homework. At least trying to. That’s the same thing, right?

Loving: my new bean boots. Perfect for the weather today.

Worrying about: our ride home. With wet roads and a sister who goes 70 on the highway, it makes me a *little* nervous!

Have a great day!