Dove Real Beauty – A Must See Video

This is such an interesting idea, about women having to describe their own looks. As I watched I thought about how I would describe myself to someone sketching me. This is something that I believe in so very deeply; the idea that we focus on the negatives and think we are way less beautiful than we are. This is a must watch for all women.


Easy Beauty Tip


Want to know how to look naturally beautiful when it matters most? There’s one stupidly easy trick to it: pinch your cheeks!

Stupidly easy, right? I told you. Pinching your cheeks will make them your natural color, so it’s perfectly suitable for you, and looks completely natural. And don’t pinch too hard that you get that face when your aunt pinches your cheeks, or worse, nail marks.

Just use the pads of your fingers and your good to go my friends!




Random Nails


{the top two are an ear and a nose, and the bottom starting from the left is a mouth, hair, and an eye}

I recently painted my nails with facial features. I know, pretty bizarre, but I loved having such random little objects on my nails, and seeing people’s expressions when I explained what they are. Here is a list for your Tuesday of some more crazy random things to paint on your nails. Would you ever paint these things on your nails? What other random things would you challenge me to paint on my nails? Comment below, and maybe I’ll try one out. . .

-Seashell, especially when it’s not summertime.
-Smile with braces
-Random letters, so it looks like you spelled something.
-Just a giant dot on each nail
-Little faces, you could make different skin tones by painting you fingers white, or tan, or brown.

The Mermaid Braid

I have never been a fan of the side braid. I think I’ve worn it once. I like more of the messy, unusual braids. This one is pretty unusual, but looks super complex. Her are my steps to achieving this “how did you do that?” hairstyle:

1. Split hair into three sections. Braid each section, and secure with either an elastic or bobby.




2. Braid them together. Ta-da! You are done, dudes! Enjoy!


DIY: Rope Braid


The rope braid is a very simple hairstyle to do and wear. This is another one that people have no idea how to do. So I’m giving you an automatic one up on your friends. They’re going to be so jealous!

1. Gather hair at the nape of your neck.


2. Split it into two pieces. Start twisting the one on the right towards the right.


3. Then twist the one on the left towards the right, too.


4. Then twist them together, towards the left. This essentially means put the right one over the left one. This will make it stay put, so the twists won’t come uncoiled.


5. Tie it off. You can start this braid to the side, in the middle (like us), from a high ponytail, etc. It is a very versatile style (that rhymed!). I decided to twist it into a bun for a fancy updo. Make sure you cross your bobby pins when pinning!

Happy weekend!!

Beauty Must Haves

I am constantly searching for beauty products that are new or different. But when it comes down to it, I always have those couple of products that I wont change for a long time.

1. Maybelline Great Lash: I bought this because it was the cheapest one at the store. And I ended up loving it. Plus the packaging is really cute.
2. Lip Smacker Fanta Orange: I am not at all a lip gloss girl. It’s too sticky and annoying. So this gives me a little hydration and keeps me feeling like a kid.
3. NYX smokey eye palette: I bought this because I wanted the black to use as eyeliner, but ended up using the other various neutral colors in many different ways.
4. E.L.F. Eye shadow brush: It was a buck. I’m a sucker for a cheap deal. But it proved to be a great brush, so I’m happy!
5. Ecotools angled eyeliner brush: Again, this was the cheapest one. But it’s a great brush!

6. Kiwi hi.Illuminator Finish: I found this at tj maxx one day, and I decided to try it out. It’s a shine spray so you have to be careful not to make your hair look greasy, but other than that it’s perfect. I use it on the ends only, when my hair looks a little dull.
7. Onesta setting mist: this one was a birthday present with my triple barrel waver (which I have yet to figure out). It is the best beauty product I have ever owned. I can put damp hair in braids, spray this, and end up with wavy hair in the morning. Or I can sprunch it, or straighten or curl it. It’s AMAZING!
8.Keune dry shampoo: I like this because it doesn’t leave a residue.

9. Dove unscented sensitive skin deodorant: I have sensitive skin, so it doesn’t irritate, and it has a really clean smell, do u can put on perfume, and not feel like I’m battling scents.
10. Seven Palms apple jasmine lotion: I got this from my aunt at Easter, and was amazed at how good it smelt. I have the matching body butter that I put on to moisturizer my legs after showering.
11. Breathe energy ginger verbena fragrance: great refreshing smell. I’ve had it for 3 years, and I love it!