A Few Of My Favorite Things

St. Peter’s square in 2005 and 2013. Jaw dropper in my opinion.

Homemade pop tarts.

A tumblr dedicated to products made in the US. Yes.


A Few of My Favorite Things


Happy Friday! I will be teaching little second graders how to be forgiven of sins tomorrow. Wish me luck! Here are some cool links and have a great weekend.

A song. It’s kind of weird and the video made me want to laugh half the time, and cry the other, but it’s a great song. Very killers-esque. What did you think?

These are pretty.

This makes me want spring oh so very much.

A few pictures from the Passion Pit concert a few weeks ago. They were AMAZING.

Michelle Obama is too cool.

Green tea donuts?! Would love to try these.

And more donuts! But these ones are little and cute!

The cheaper way to make instagram prints.

Paper bag looking clutch.

Bri Emery is by far one of the most creative bloggers I read. Check out her blog and you’ll see why!

(Flowers via designlovefest)

(First day in months not wearing some sort of boots!)

A Few of My Favorite Things


It was waaayy too warm for January this week. Kinda nice, but mostly scary because its just a sign of how humans are ruining everything once again. Aside from the bigger problems, guess were I’m going to be this weekend?! NEW YORK!! One of my favorite places on the planet earth. I’m going to an opera for a school trip and I am out of my mind excited. I hope you’re as excited about the weekend as I am, and ere are some sweet things I found around the web this week!

A song.

3-D hearts DIY.

A fun outfit post.

Wedding dress.

Metallic leather slippers.

Babybel cheese people. So cute!

Valentines DIY tea bag.

Lemon garlic spaghetti.

Happy, happy weekend!

A Few Of My Favorite Things


Wow, I have not done one of these for awhile! I thought I would throw one in for the heck of it. Since my Pinterest-ing has gone flying of the handles, I’ve been trying to reel it in and downsize. Upon doing so, I found things on my boards I forgot about. So you can take this one as the forget-me-not favorites.

This week was our first full week back at school, so you can imagine how it went! A few pleasant surprises along the way. I hope you have a great weekend!

A song.

STUNNING earl grey tea cakes. If you don’t look at anything else on this list, at least feast your eyes on these!

Favorite pair of heels to date. If they weren’t so much I’d buy them right this second for prom.

Another great pair of overpriced shoes.

The perfect iphone case for any dancer.

A beautiful headband.

A great blog if you don’t already read it.

Proper application of self tanner.

I like this girl’s style.

The grocery store scene from Napoleon dynamite that I’ve been quoting an unreasonable amount this week…”Put it back!”

A Few of My Favorite Things

I’m back and ready for action! This week has been a whirlwind! The election, a college fair, two huge projects, instagram got a website . . . And weather that feels as though we have skipped fall entirely! I wore socks on my hands doing homework last night! AND it snowed on wednesday!

This weekend I’m going to see Footloose at my school, and hopefully the Perks of Being. Wallflower. Anyone seen it yet? What did you think of it?

Any exiting plans for anyone else this weekend??

A song.

A must do this holiday season!

Loving this wedding idea.

Cute coats.

Cute shoes.

And these, too. [shoveling chic?]

A swingy, super casual dress that I’m envying.

[sorry this is so short! The week just sort of snuck away!]

A Few Of My Favorite Things

I hope everyone had a nice week, and a Halloween full of candy. I got a flu shot! Doesn’t that sound like a great way to spend Halloween?

I’m apologizing in advanced for my lack of posts next week. In not going to have any time to organize myself because of group projects, tests, end of the quarter yada yada yada!!

So here are a couple of fun links from around the web, and I’ll see you with some more next week!

A song.

And another AMAZING music video. I don’t completely understand, but it’s still wicked funny.

Lovin’ life.

Chocolate chip cookie taste off.

Potato stamps.

21 most awkward situations in history.

What’s a girl got to do to get a pumpkin like this?

This blog is my fave.

This outfit is so cute. The necklace is especially killer!

A knitting clock?!

Easy applesauce.

A Few Of My Favorite Things

Things I’ve learned this week:
1. School really sucks and gets in the way a lot.
2. Eggnog tastes good in tea.
3. I need to limit my Pinterest usage.
4. I hate fundraising.

A song.

Unlock the 007 in you!

Awesome sandwich cake I must learn how to make! {rhymed!}

Lobster pin.

Could you HAND me a cookie?

Doily bowl DIY.

Wood grain laptop cover DIY.

Cat bounce.

I was thinking of being this! But these people sure know how to put of ether a realistic Halloween costume!



A Few Of My Favorite Things


This has been a messed up week. Although California seems like a pleasant dream, I’m still feeling the side effects of changing time zones twice in the course of five days. This week aside, I’m definitely looking forward to this weekend. It’s my dad’s birthday today, and I will be celebrating my friends 17th tomorrow. And Sunday . . . anyone feeling a pumpkin quesadilla?

Have a great weekend, and here are some cool links from around the web this week:

A song.

Great hair ideas.

Build a cardboard castle.

Lemon lavender cake.

I want this pantsuit so badly!

An inspiringly adorable elopement {In a canoe!}

Fall hair trends. So. Excited. But also still pondering this. . .

Anyone up for a challenge?

P.S. some cool stuff you may have missed . . .
My fall wish list
California pictures
3 never fail fall outfit combos

A Few Of My Favorite Things


Jet setting to California this afternoon! Words cannot describe my excitement. I know there will be lots of homework waiting for me when I come back, but it’s so worth it. M cousin is getting married. It’s my first wedding.

Did I mention I was excited?

I hope you are all as excited for your weekend plans as I am. What are you doing? Here are some links from around the web this week:

A song.

Boots that are on my wish list.

Funny everyday design.

I need to get myself a teapot so I can knit this cozy.

Check out my new blogging buddy! She just started, so head on over and follow her to how your support.

Inspiring blog post. I love the candles with the flowers. So simple and elegant.

I live the Olsen twins’ style. Here’s a blog for your anonymous addiction.