Weekend Drawings

I knew that this whole catching up thing was going to happen sometime, but here are my weekend drawings for the 30 day drawing challenge. The challenge in itself isn’t the drawing, just seeing if you can keep up!

Day 24: a couple


Day 25: scenery


Day 26: something you don’t like. Clowns.



Mish Mash of Drawings: Part Two

Soooooo I started school. I’ve been busy with that so I haven’t been able to keep up with these! And excuse me skipping “something you need”. I really just couldn’t hook of anything I needed. A lot of things I want but not a lot I need. I guess that’s a good thing.

{something new: a new school year}


{something orange: an orange. Duh.}


{something you want: a record player. Really badly.}


{something you miss: the summah sun}


P.S. See all the others here.

P.P.S. Its my friends birthday! Go check out her blog and follow her as a present! Since she won’t tell me what she wants 😉