How To Eat: The French Way


Lets face it: I wish I was European. Traveling there ruined me (but also made me very happy). You realize how backwards everything Americans do really is, and how the quality of life here could be greatly improved if everything wasn’t so structured and difficult and pleasing to everyone.

Like eating for example. Little kids expect their own meals, mothers groan. We snack and snack on bad food and for what? For fun? We eat just to eat. I find myself doing it too.

Above there is a photo I came across about how to eat like a French person. It is my new food philosophy. I love the one about not snacking, and how it’s ok to be hungry. My other favorite is that sweets are good as a treat, maybe once a week. It’s all very easy and healthy. Now if we could just get the rest of the world to wake up and see how much nicer life could be if it was all just a bit more. . . simple.





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