Art Student For A Week


So I’m taking an xtreme week class at MassArt this week, and I must say I’m loving it! I was dreading it in the weeks before it began, and thought it would be a waste, I wouldn’t be good enough, blah, blah, blah! But I feel so at home there, like people get me almost… It’s a good feeling. We were all talking today about careers that art leads you to, and everyone was saying that as long as they’re happy, they don’t care about having tons of money’s and being super famous, they just want to make art. Which is so me! These are my people!!

Besides that, we’ve been drawing sooooo much, probably more than I thought, and working on drawings for 2/3 hours at a time! It’s crazy, and I’m loving it. Here’s what I’ve been working on…






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