A Few Of My Favorite Things


Wow, I have not done one of these for awhile! I thought I would throw one in for the heck of it. Since my Pinterest-ing has gone flying of the handles, I’ve been trying to reel it in and downsize. Upon doing so, I found things on my boards I forgot about. So you can take this one as the forget-me-not favorites.

This week was our first full week back at school, so you can imagine how it went! A few pleasant surprises along the way. I hope you have a great weekend!

A song.

STUNNING earl grey tea cakes. If you don’t look at anything else on this list, at least feast your eyes on these!

Favorite pair of heels to date. If they weren’t so much I’d buy them right this second for prom.

Another great pair of overpriced shoes.

The perfect iphone case for any dancer.

A beautiful headband.

A great blog if you don’t already read it.

Proper application of self tanner.

I like this girl’s style.

The grocery store scene from Napoleon dynamite that I’ve been quoting an unreasonable amount this week…”Put it back!”

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