Freakin’ Excited

freakin' excited

It’s almost Christmas, meaning I’m in full blown holiday spirit. All the music I listen to has to have the words “snow”, “jolly”, or “sleigh bells” in it, and I must stare at my Christmas tree for at least a minute everyday. It hasn’t snowed much (stupid global warming) much my spirits are still high! I’m like Kristen Wiig in this skit: freakin’ excited.

My goals for the next couple of days that MUST be completed before Christmas:

1. Find a present for my mom

2. Make cinnamon applesauce ornaments (since I lost my favorite one this year.)

3. Wrap my presents.

4. Make my sisters Christmas present.

5. Find something to wear for Christmas Eve.

6. Make funky gingerbread cookies! I have secret weapon cookie cutters this year. (literally.)

7. Finish our outdoor lights! They are taking much too long!

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