Perfect Bun Tutorial


Wearing a bun is a staple for me. I used to have long hair so it’s was easier to do. But now that it’s short, I have a few tricks up my sleeve to make it look like you have Rapunzel hair! Maybe not that long but you get the picture.

First step to the perfect bun is to not use freshly washed hair, or hair that has been straightened. And if it is, spray some dry shampoo or mousse in it to give it texture. It’s too slippery if you don’t.

Next is to gather it into a ponytail at the top, sort of at the back, of your head. My head has sort of a flat place at the back, so that’s where I make mine. I don’t know if everyone has it, or it’s just my deformed head. If you don’t, then think of it as drawing a diagonal line from the corner of your eyes, along your ears, and to the back of your head.

Next step is to twist it! To the left or right, either is fine. You’re going to want to keep twisting until you feel it coiling on itself, at which point you will let it coil, so it makes a bun shape.

If you really need extra help, tease it before. And don’t twist it tightly.

Pin all around the bun. Then here’s a trick: pull on it. Make the bun grow in size. This will make you look like you have much more hair than you actually do. Pull the strands out to the sides to make it bigger.

You’re done! You can hairspray it if you like, but other than that, enjoy feeling like a ballerina for a couple of hours!



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