When I was little, I used to be afraid of the wind. Anytime there was a rainstorm of any degree I would get so anxious, and look outside and think that every tree was about to fall on top of our house and dream up the worst case scenario (I.e. me being found crushed under a tree!)

Now that I’m older, I am thankfully not afraid of the wind. My mom never thought I’d outgrow it!!

But I still get worried about bad storms, as do most people. If you haven’t heard, a nice southern lady named Sandy is coming to visit us today, and I’m curious to see what kind of gifts she’s going to bring. And I don’t think these gifts will have big bows tied to them, or sparkly wrapping paper.

Hurricane Sandy has been nicknamed Frankenstorm, because not only do we have her, but we also have a nor’easter and a jet stream coming from the east and west, which means possible . . . could it be . . . Snow?! Cray cray, I know.

Whatever happens today and the days following that are unimportant compared to the concern of my iphone running out of battery if the power goes out. . . then there’ll be a crisis!

I have school off today, so I’m planning on carving one last pumpkin, sharing all the pumpkins I’ve decorated with you, reading books about the Beatles, drinking tea and taking a practice SAT.



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