Fall Wishlist


I have a seemingly never ending note on my phone with everything I want. Call me greedy, but there are just so many good things out their to buy. Although the note is endless, my money supply is not. (my mother). Nonetheless, some of the things I want for it nicely with fall, so maybe I’ll be able to finagle the bagel a little and buy some!

1. Norah Jones’ new CD. Any cd of hers would be nice. I’m really liking her lately.
2.NYX xtreme lip creme in nude peach fuzz. One of my favorite beauty gurus wears it, (clothesencounters) and I’m obsessed.
3. Paper airplane earrings from etsy. Quirky and unexpected.
4. A new watch! I lost my other one, which was getting a little beat up anyway, so any of the ones in the picture will do.
5. A waffle mousepad from spotted moth.
6. A good pair of oxfords.
7. To e able to draw like this. My art class is highly competitive, and sadly I feel not ago great about my art. But I’m determined to get better!
8. Leather + skirt pairing.

Is there anything in specific for fall that your wishing for. Also, how early is too early to start a Christmas wishlist? Thoughts?

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