A Few of My Favorite Things


[Loving this clutch]

Another thing I’m loving besides that clutch is the fall weather. After losing my leather jacket for a day, and then happily retrieving it, I’m finally able to wear it. (At least in the morning, because it heats up.) I had Wednesday off, so this week has been a little messed up. I’m hoping to knit a hat and clean my room this weekend, along with babysitting on Saturday night. Fun stuff! 😉 What are your plans for this weekend?

A song.

Coziest bed spreads.

The BEST advice I have ever heard about worrying

Zucchini fritters.

The cutest little jean patch you ever did see!

Loving this decor.

DIY ideas for your next birthday party. I especially love the sprinkle cake topper.


Best idea ever!

A Beautiful Mess craft index. Actually don’t click this one, unless your prepared to develop an addiction. They are my blogging idols.

A sweet gif about the changing ways people buy/listen to music.

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