A Few of My Favorite Things


It’s been a rough one. I had a history project that was plaguing my afternoons and weekend, dance started again, I forgot to print my business letter, I was up until 12 some nights, AND I had a cold! But today was much better. I am recovering from my cold, my art project is shaping up to be better than I thought, my history project went over extremely well, and another history project topic proposal was approved! Beatles documentary, here we come! Have a great weekend, and a hopefully cold yet cozy first day of fall.

A song.

Candy corn flavored oreos’.

Creative heels.

Funny little cartoon.

Best milkshake ever. I will be sure to try this one out.

And the best chocolate mousse of your life with just two ingredients!

10 ways to send save the dates.

A conversation with my twelve year old self. Definitely watch this one!

The dancers among us. (photo gallery)

Tiny polaroid magnets tutorial.

How to ruin a yoga class.

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