A Few of My Favorite Things


{Andy Murray, one of my favorites in the tennis world, won the US Open on Monday!}

Things I have learned this week:
1. Corduroy and a bustier don’t work. Some girl had it on at school, and let me tell you, the office worker messenger bag wasn’t helping.
2. Don’t run on a full stomach.
3. Always smile, even if it’s fake.
4. Don’t get gum on your thighs. They make them stick together. And I will leave it at that!!

What did you learn this week? Have a great weekend everyone, and try to lean something!

A song.

Girly camera straps

Brie, sun dried tomato and thyme recipe. Anything with cheese attracts my attention.

5 guys, one piano. This song just got a whole lot better.

Lauren Moffat spring 2013 collection.

A sweatshirt of my favorite band.

Frills for Thrills, a cute blog I’ve just begun to read.

Would you take a mirror fast?

A New York City celebrity prank video. So funny, but just goes to show how stupid people are.

A jacket for lonely men. . .

A color hue test. What did you score?

Giving instead of getting on this man’s birthday.

Cute Neil Armstrong quote.

p.s. some posts you may have missed . . .

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