Variation of a Classic


I was, as usual, making a grilled cheese as a weekend lunch. I got the bread and the butter, and when I went for the cheese, I spotted the goat cheese! And then I thought what a great idea to mix cheeses. Honestly, why have I need thought of that?

I decided to do feta and Monterey jack. When I was spreading the cheese, I thought, why this combo? It’s kind of gross. Maybe my inner chef was working silently, because when I bit into it, it was all melty and gooey, just the way I like it.

What is your favorite twist on the classic grilled cheese?

p.s. a little video about how great grilled cheese is.

2 thoughts on “Variation of a Classic

  1. I love adding lots of other things to my grilled cheese (prosciutto, ham, apples, spinach, other cheeses, herbs, etc.). I also really love using garlic salt on the outside of the bread (the toasty part), especially if I’m using a whole wheat bread. Just makes it zing – and I love zing.

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