A Few of My Favorite Things


{an awesomely decorated wall}

This week has been sort of fun. Getting back into the swing of school is hard, but also exciting. Everyone over here is a little bummed for my sister to start her last year of high school, so we’ve been sort of sad. Also, I have dance practice tonight, so I can perform in a street faire tomorrow. Happy, happy day . . . But in spite of the mood, here are some cool links from the web this week. I’m especially in love with all the dorm/home ideas.

A song.

25 dorm/home design and DIY ideas.

Handwritten name rings. Have one for each of your children, and wear them in a stack.

Strawberry glazed doughnuts recipe.

Europe’s hidden hotspots.

Paper airplane earrings.

Ballet dancers in super slow motion.

P.S. Some posts you may have missed. . .
Root Beer Cupcakes
12 Things To-Do This Fall
Mermaid Braid Headband Tutorial

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