12 Things To Do This Fall


It’s always good to have free time, but occasionally, you have no idea what to do with the free time you have. So I’ve come up with ideas to help you solve those “I’m so bored” moments this fall:

1. Buy gourds and pumpkins and straw and arrange them in a pretty bowl

2. Go for a walk (this sounds little kiddish, but see how many leaves you can step on!)

3. Bake something with pumpkin; muffins, bread, or a cake. (It’s healthy,too!)

4.Grab a leaf from outside and draw it to the best of your ability

5. Buy a new scarf, and come up with a new way to wrap it. There are an infinite amount of ways!!

6. Think of the grossest looking food (but actually very yummy) you can serve at a Halloween party. And if you’re not going to one, then plan one!!

7. Go to a thrift shop and make a Halloween costume on a budget.

8. Play cards. A couple of my favorite games are spit, trash, and seven up. Or if you’re alone, solitaire never fails.

9. For all my gymnasts, dancers and other athletes that need to be flexible, read a book while stretching. The hunger games are a good pick, or even Jane Eyre for a more cozy, romantic fall read.

10. Knit. If you don’t know how, it is never too late to start! If you do already, make something fall inspired. A pumpkin or a leaf. Or if you want something more usable, a sweater or socks with be helpful with the cold winter months ahead!

11. Write in a journal. I do it all the time. Or a challenge, try to use new vocabulary, write a poem, or use as many vivid words describing fall weather as possible.

12. Retie your shoelaces.


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