Random Nails


{the top two are an ear and a nose, and the bottom starting from the left is a mouth, hair, and an eye}

I recently painted my nails with facial features. I know, pretty bizarre, but I loved having such random little objects on my nails, and seeing people’s expressions when I explained what they are. Here is a list for your Tuesday of some more crazy random things to paint on your nails. Would you ever paint these things on your nails? What other random things would you challenge me to paint on my nails? Comment below, and maybe I’ll try one out. . .

-Seashell, especially when it’s not summertime.
-Smile with braces
-Random letters, so it looks like you spelled something.
-Just a giant dot on each nail
-Little faces, you could make different skin tones by painting you fingers white, or tan, or brown.

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