DIY: Rope Braid


The rope braid is a very simple hairstyle to do and wear. This is another one that people have no idea how to do. So I’m giving you an automatic one up on your friends. They’re going to be so jealous!

1. Gather hair at the nape of your neck.


2. Split it into two pieces. Start twisting the one on the right towards the right.


3. Then twist the one on the left towards the right, too.


4. Then twist them together, towards the left. This essentially means put the right one over the left one. This will make it stay put, so the twists won’t come uncoiled.


5. Tie it off. You can start this braid to the side, in the middle (like us), from a high ponytail, etc. It is a very versatile style (that rhymed!). I decided to twist it into a bun for a fancy updo. Make sure you cross your bobby pins when pinning!

Happy weekend!!

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