DIY: Braided Headband


Pretty much everyday I walk into school, people ask me about my hair and say that it must be so hard, and that they could never do anything I can do to my hair. And whenever I tell people it’s easy to do, they don’t believe me. So I’ve decided to teach all of you my secrets. Hopefully they will see that I am not lying, and that doing your hair can be plain and simple, but still look like you spent hours on it. My first hair DIY will be a braided headband.

1. Part your hair directly above your ear and then two inches behind it towards the back.


2. Make sure the hair is going in the direction of the top of your head, as if you were going to brush it over. (which you will in a little while)

3. Braid the hair. No French braid, swirl braid or anything fancy, just braid!

4. Tie off the hair, and take the left around the head and pin. Cross your bobby pins!

5. Wrap the right side, and make sure to cover the tie of the left side. Also make sure to slip the right under the left, to cover the other tie.


6. You’re done! That wasn’t that hard, now was it?

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